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Magic bicycle cards in Russia

Where is to buy magic and bicycle cards in Russia.

Magic and Bicycle cards shop Fokusy.Org is a special store for magicians, cardistry lovers, collectors, beginners and professionals in magic. We supply everything you need for starting learning magic with good quality magic sets, DVDs, rare magic props, for example, the russian bite coin,  the most popular in the world and beloved by all magicians designed bicycle cards for magicians, poker, gambling,  card manipulating, produced by United States playing card company – USPCC.

magic and cards shop

The brands are Bicyle, Bee, Tally-Ho, Phoenix, NOC, Virtuoso, Theory11, Ellusionist, Marvin`s Magic, Di Fatta, Vernet, Bazaar De Magia, Djeco.

You can buy appearing candles, stiff rope, appearing and disappearing cane, silks, cups and balls, fire wallet, thumb tips by Vernet, dove and rabbit pan, illusions, stage magic special props, snow storm, flash paper, mentalism items, bicycle card, gaffed magic cards, svengali, stripper, invisible deck, mirage deck, brainwave deck, mental photography deck, fanning powder, coloring book, sponge balls, roses, capes and top hat collapsible for making image as a magician.

Our prices are the same as in the world and sometimes cheaper than you may find. In addition to russian customers we have buyers from Polland, Belorussia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland.

Our partners are Magicmakers,inc,  Murhy`s Magic Supplies, Inc. The advantage for you is that we are open every day since 10 a.m until 10 p.m. You do not have to order and wait for you goods. Just visit us in Russia, Saint-Petersburg , Efimova street 1, Business center «Sennaya 4». Feel free for calling us +7 901 300 88 00 (we speak English) or just send e-mail – fokusy.org@gmail.com. Also you can use our online website chat (Jivosite).

We accept visa, MasterCard etc.

GPS coordinates 30.321053821975 59.926790488576.

If you are just a tourist and visitor of our city Saint-Petersburg do not lose a chance come to Magic Shop Fokusy.Org which is a part of Russian magic society. We are always glad seeing you and we can be as a bridge between Russian magic art and outer world of illusion.

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  1. очень хороший сайт для фокусов https://fokusy.org/

  2. очень хороший сайт для фокусов https://fokusy.org/

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